Christmas Buddy Patterns are live on on sale!!

SAve 30% on the individual patterns and E book on Ravelry and Etsy. No code needed, valid through midnight EST November 10th. linktr.ee/crochet.rox

MeetMeet Nom. He has a sharp tongue and a quick wit and is cursed with a fantastic sweet tooth! In fact, he has a standing weekly appointment with his dentist. He’s got wicked case of gingervitis. (there is a rumor that his dentist was once an elf for Santa, but this is unsubstantiated)

Meet Kris Kringle. He is a jolly old elf who likes cuddling up with a cup of cocoa and watching old Christmas classics on TV. Kris’s room mate is Eldrich the Elf. He works at the North Pole as an air traffic controller. He has tried growing a beard like Kris’s, but he just can’t seem to grow more than a little stubble.

And last but certainly not least,meet Wendell, the Wendigo. According to the internet, the wendigo is a cold climate creature that’s been spotted in Canada and in northern states like Minnesota. Some locals who’ve encountered the beast consider it a relative of Bigfoot, but reports describe the beast as more of a werewolf than a Sasquatch. The wendigo is often described as a creature with owl-like eyes, large claws and an emaciated body. Others describe it looking like a skeleton with ash-toned skin. This strange being is said to live alone in the forest and feeds on human flesh. (Wendell thinks that is GROSS!) Here in PA, I was lucky enough to find one as an infant. I named him Wendell, and though he may look menacing with those gnarly teeth, he is really quite gentle. He uses his fangs to help open cans of cat food and cut my yarn if I can’t find my scissors. He is quite helpful, and loves hanging out with Nom the Gingerbread Man, Kris Kringle, and Eldrich the Elf.


StarLight Jacobs Ladder Blanket CAL on Crochet Rox

Join me in my first CAL! You can purchase the Starlight JL Blanket pattern here. Join the CAL on my Crochet Rox Facebook page. I have made several with Lion Brand Mandala yarn but you can use any yarn you like. It looks great with the yarn cakes. I am going to make one in Lion Brand Mandala Wood nymph for the CAL.

You can purchase the pattern at a 65% discount through midnight Oct 26th EST with the code crochet. From Oct 27th through November 1st, you can purchase it at a 50% discount with the code starlightjl19

I can’t wait to see the beautiful Starlight blankets you make!!


Pumpkin Season!! Free Unicorn Pumpkin pattern!

My Pumpkin Basket pattern is my favorite decoration for fall. I use 1 by the front door filled with candy for Trick or Treaters and 1 in my living room to hold yarn. Its a generously sized basket with a hinged lid and works up pretty quick. Today thru midnight Sat 10-12 EST you can get a free copy of my Unicorn Pumpkin pattern when you buy the Pumpkin Basket pattern! Put both patterns in your cart and use the code Fall19