The Fringe Benefits Cowl Necked Poncho My version with sleeves

I know if you crochet that you have seen this photo floating around the internet.  It is the Fringe Benefits Cowl Neck Poncho in the UK’s Simply Crochet magazine issue 25.

Fringe Benefits by Simone Francis
I loved it, and had to make one. But I wanted to add sleeves to mine.  I am sharing with you how I did that below.

Crochet Rox version with sleeves

Crochet Rox version with sleeves


 The pattern is for the Fringe Benefits Cowl Neck Poncho, found in issue 25 of Simply Crochet Magazine, which you can find on Google play or contact them through their website.  I do not provide this pattern for you, you must pay to get it.


Cowl Neck Poncho

Okay, when you have completed the cowl neck, and the poncho through rows 16-20 (depending on how big you want it, I made my sleeves on row 20. this purely personal preference, try it on and figure out where you want yours.)

You need 4 stitch markers, to mark where you want your arm holes.

I counted 16 of the 3 dc groups between the 2 stitch markers on the sides of my poncho.  I placed one marker on the front and one on the back on the poncho, on each side, as pictured.  You want to make sure that little groups of 3 are even on the front and back for each armhole and that you place your stitch marker in a space BETWEEN 2 3 dc groups.

Now you will continue following the original poncho pattern and start your next row.

When you get to the first stitch marker,  make your 3 dc’s and then chain 7 and make 3 dc in the same space as your next stitch marker.  (Leave the stitch markers in place)

Continue on with the poncho pattern to the next stitch marker make your 3 dc’s and chain 7 again and make 3 dc’s in the same space as the last stitch marker.  This will be your armholes.

For the next round of the poncho, you follow the pattern, and when you get to the chain 7 space, you will make 3 dc in the 1st stitch of the chain 7, skip 2 stitches 3 dc in the next stitch, skip 2, and 3 dc in the last stich of the chain.  Then continue on as in the original pattern around.

Now you can either continue on making the poncho and come back to the sleeves, or you can work the sleeves as you go.  After completing my poncho I fastened off,  and I went back to the sleeves.

I followed the same color pattern that I used in the poncho, and in the front  stitch marker (either left or right side)  join with a slip stitch in the space right before your chain 7,  chain 3, and do 2 dc in the same space as the join.

You will continue working around the sleeve by simply making 3 dc in each space between the previous rows 3 dc groups.Continue on like this and make your sleeves as long as you like.

I did 18 rows, and then I started my cuff.  I wanted mine loose and big.

I took the same color I used in my cowl, and joined with a slip stitch in the armpit to a dc (doesn’t matter which one) chain 3 and then I evenly spaced dc all the way around the sleeve making sure I had an even number of stitches, and joined with a slip stitch in the 1st st, and chained 3.

For the next round I made a fpdc around the 1st st, a bpdc around the next and repeated this pattern around, joining with a sl st in the first st of each round,  I only did 5 rows of the ribbing on the sleeves because I ran out of that color, but I really love the way it fell on my arm.

I tried to explain this the best way I could from memory to get it out for you, but I am working on another poncho right now, and will write down what I do as I go to try to write it up better.  I would love to see your ponchos!!!!   Feel free to share the link to this, please don’t copy and share the pattern though.  Thank you.

Feel free to share the link to these instructions, and let me know what you think!!



Please let me know what you think!!

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