Crochet Testers wanted!!!!

My adult ribbed cuff slippers have been put on hold, because I got an order for “converse” style baby booties. (Honestly, there aren’t very many things cuter than baby footwear?)   I did find a pattern for them, but it wasn’t very well written, and was really hard to follow.  I decided to figure them out on my own.  I am really excited about them, and want to write up the pattern.    There are SO many possibilities with these, and so many different shoes you can make with it.  I am going to try some different variations over the weekend.

If you are interested in testing for me, please, send me a message on my Facebook page Crochet Rox.

I am so excited to work on these this weekend, I’m hoping to have the pattern ready on Monday for testing.
Have a great weekend everyone, and happy hooking!!



Please let me know what you think!!

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