Crochet Rox on the Runway in March!!!!!

It’s coming up!!! Only one week!!!! I’m so excited!!

Crochet Rox

I am so honored to be participating in my 3rd fashion show with Victoria Henley.  She was a participant on season 19 of  of America’s Next Top Model, and is now modeling, teaching modeling, producing fashion shows and SO much more!!!    I am working on some new designs for her to feature in my Crochet Rox showcase, and am very excited about it!!  It is happening in Pensacola FL on March 14th 2015.

I was blessed to have taken part in 2 shows with Victoria in 2014, one in Feb, and one in August.  I submitted around 25 designs for each, and had my own showcase in them. The models ranged in age from child to adult and did an amazing job.

Here are some pics from those showcases

Victoria has also been kind enough to share my designs on the Dee Armstrong show on several occasions, and it’s a huge thrill…

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