What’s in your crochet tool kit?

I do have a “toolbox” of sorts, actually I have several.   (Kept in  bags, boxes, a tackle box and random baskets lol) filled with things I use daily to crochet.  In the one I use most often that sits beside my spot on the couch (yeah, I sound like Sheldon here, but it is MY spot!!)  holds my very favorite hooks, the gold G hook that I got when my dear friend Marge passed away, the H hook from my Aunt Joyce, who taught me to crochet and all the others I have collected. I also have locking stitch markers, boxes of buttons, a few pair of scissors, yarn needles, invisible thread and sewing needles, tape measure, yarn bra, pencil, notepads,  a nail file and several odds and ends.

click here for Lo-Lo by Barmaids Facebook

click here for Lo-Lo by Barmaids Facebook

Most useful, and one of my favorite things in all of my crochet kits, is a tin of Lo Lo Bar Pearl Knit Scent by Barmaids.  It is an organic solid moisturizing  bar The scent is SO amazing, it’s a blend of citrus, linen, violet, mimosa, and jasmine, and leaves your hands smelling so good. It doesn’t leave a greasy feeling on your hands.  You hold bar and warm it in your hands, and then rub your hands together.  It absorbs once you stop rubbing and really works miracles on your hands and I love that I don’t have to worry about snagging the yarn on my cuticles anymore. I always have one with me, and when you finish with the body bar, the tins are fantastic for storing buttons, plastic safety eyes, stitch markers etc.  I think I must have about 10 in this size, and 20 in the Lo Lo to go size filled with doo dads!!    I have tried many of their products, and can honestly say, I have loved all of them.  Click on the link above to check out their website, they offer Lo Lo Luvs, which is 6 trial size containers with your choice of 6 different scents from their menu of 38 scents.  There are so many great scents, some of my favorites beside the Pearl Knits are Buck Naked, Pink Sugar Kisses Cucumber Melon, and Wild Rose.

I am not getting paid to advertise this for Barmaids, I just love it, and think that every fiber artist should have a tin or 12 in their toolkit.  Check them out!! @Bar_Maids

What is your favorite non yarn item in your crochet kit?


Please let me know what you think!!

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