Free pattern for Chunky Tiaras by Crochet Rox

PLEASE, if you do use the pattern, consider making an extra 1 or 2, and send them on to
Ellie’s Hats
5050 Riding Plaza Suite 130-648
South Riding, VA 20152
The kids would love them!!!

Download and favorite this pattern on Ravelry!!

I have recently made 20 of these to donate to Ellie’s Hats, a fabulous organization that educates about childhood cancers, distributes hats to kids battling for their lives, and provides support for their families.  Please check them out on Facebook!!

Ellie in her tiara I made her.

Ellie in her tiara I made her.

Purple tiaras for Brave princesses

Purple tiaras for Brave princesses

Tiara crocheted by Cindy Hilt

Tiara crocheted by Cindy Hilt

This tiara will fit children 2 and up.



22 thoughts on “Free pattern for Chunky Tiaras by Crochet Rox

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      • i kinda figured that, lol :D! have a ? tho, before the 2dc, 1tc, etc, shouldnt there be a skip next st after the 2 sc’s? thanks 🙂


      • i just made this, so cute!! (didnt balance out right without the skipping (like the before and after on the like stitches, if that makes sense! i figured you just left it out by mistake! anyway, gonna make several of these and when i have the $$ will send them to this Ellie’s Hats!! so cute 🙂 thanks for the pattern!! 🙂


        • Thank you so much for pointing that out, I’m so glad you liked it. They are really quick aren’t they? I’d love to see pics, you can send them to me on Crochet Rox on Facebook if you’d like. 🙂

          I know Ellie’s Hats would love to have them. Thanks!!

          Liked by 1 person

          • you are so welcome! being new i really look at the patterns, lol :D! this was the fastest thing i ever made!!! so cute. used regular ww n size I hook, and did the hdc chainless foundation for mine. still need some bling, lol 😀 but i will try to get a pic off to you!! 🙂 thanks again so much! i can see making many of these in all different colors!! 🙂 thanks again so much and for being so kind about the error. i know some when i have found mistakes and point them out, get very hostile and angry and get really mean! i dont follow them after that! we all make mistakes, if we didnt we wouldnt be here anymore!! 🙂 so thanks for being so kind! 🙂 i have a blog, sort of (wordpress) that a few people follow. it is strictly to help promote others works. may i reblog/post it on there? have already pinned and going to share a few more ways! love this and especially for the why ! maybe more will make and donate! 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

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