Eaten by a Shark – The pattern …. finally

THis is awesome!!! A free pattern for the shark blanket that is taking over facebook from Off the Hook for you !! Thank you Vicki Roberts for sharing your talent with us!!


A little later than planned, but here is my pattern for a shark  tail. The shark was made when my son wanted a mermaid tail kind of thing like his sister had – but being a boy – didn’t actually want to be a mermaid! IMG_0580-2 I hate sewing things together – so the body of the shark is made in a continuous round.  There’s now a video made by myself, a 5 and 7 year old showing how to make the body!

Video with increased volume can be found here 

(UPDATE – 28th July 2015 – I’ve found out this video is very quiet on YouTube.  It’s being uploaded at 400% volume currently – should be there is a couple of hours hopefully! – I’ll post a link when it is – or look on my Youtube channel).

Finished items may be sold, but the pattern remains my property, I just…

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Please let me know what you think!!

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