Handcrafted vs Mass produced

Another take on Hand crafted = Quality, and why it’s worth every penny.

Very well said Erin, thank you for sharing your eloquent thoughts with us.

Freund's Fibers

There’s been times where I’ve been told my prices are too much.  People have said things like, “I can get that at (insert store here) for much less”.  While that may be true they would not be getting the quality and customization available with a hand crafted item.

A fellow fiber artist recently encountered a similar situation with a friend.  I’m going to link to her Facebook post so that you can read it.  I am also awaiting permission to share her story and pictures here.

I don’t think non crafters realize just how much is put into our work.  We have our basic materials such as crochet hooks, knitting needles, tapestry needles, buttons and other embellishments, tape measure, patterns,scissors, stitch markers, blocking boards and T-pins.  Our hooks and needles come in a wide variety of sizes and we may sometimes need multiple sizes for a project.  I also like…

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5 thoughts on “Handcrafted vs Mass produced

  1. Interesting post. I read the Original post and the jacket is beautiful, whatever price she’s asking. We who create handmade value our craft and know all to well that handmade = lovingly made, and mass-produced = cheap. Blessed Love

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