About Crochet Rox

My name is Roxann, and I am a 40 something wife and mom living near Pittsburgh PA.  I am married to an amazing man Mike, who is so supportive and truly is my soulmate.  I have 3 daughters, Kim who is married to Drew and have 2 beautiful children, Preston and Nevaeh, Chrissy who is married to Doug and has 2 gorgeous kids Gabby and Jaden, Jamie Lee, who just moved to start her life in Florida, Matthew who is 16 going on 30, and my baby Ricky who is 13.   We have 3 cats Taberksi, Mittens and Crochet (Shady) that pretty much rule the house.

I learned how to crochet when I was 9 years old.  My Aunt Joyce taught me, and I promptly started working on a baby blanket for my nephew that I never finished lol.  Over the next 20 years, I would crochet sporadically, but never really made much.  Then one day I saw this adorable hat and the price tag of $50 and I thought, I could MAKE that!  So I did, and it turned out pretty well.  I started making some other things, I made a blanket with sleeves for myself, because I wanted a warmer “snuggy” type thing for myself.  When my Dad passed away in 2008, and then my oldest sister Brenda died shortly after, I was so depressed.  I picked up some yarn, and made a huge afghan for myself, and cried with every stitch.  It became my therapy.  That blanket is my biggest treasure to this day.  I started making gifts for family members, and then one day someone wanted to buy a baby dress that they had seen me make for my great niece.  I started looking into selling my crochet, and started a facebook business page. 


6 thoughts on “About Crochet Rox

  1. So after seeing that you’re near Pittsburgh (I’m west of State College myself) I looked on your Facebook to see where exactly you are. My best friend lives in Coraopolis! Such a small world!!

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