Dolls for Ellie’s Hats

I’ve been crocheting some tiaras and hats for them, and decided to make some baby dolls too.  My favorite so far has been Daisy.  The pattern is a free one on Ravelry.    The other dolls are based on the Big Headed Doll pattern also on Ravelry.


I can’t wait to see pictures of them in their new homes!!


The girls are just hangin out waiting to go on a trip!!


Pattern Release for Radley the Duck.

I’ve been kinda obsessed with animals in pajamas lately, and I decided to write up the pattern for Radley the duck. You can find it here , (please favorite it!!) and you can save $2 on the pattern with the code QUACK April 15th through April 17th.

I also made Scoopsie the Bunny, Redford the Bear, Remington the Monkey.   I am raffling them off to benefit Ellie’s Hats, which is my favorite charity.  They provide support for kids and families battling childhood cancer, and are an amazing non profit.

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Check out all of my patterns in my Ravelry shop, and at Crochet Rox on Etsy

Happy Hooking!!


Double your donation today.

Remember the old adage, it’s better to give than to receive? If you are looking for somewhere to make a donation before the year end, please consider Ellie’s Hats.  Normally, for every hat purchased, I will donate one to them.  Today in the spirit of giving, for every hat purchased, I wll make and donate 2 hats to Ellie’s Hats for these brave little warriors.  It truly makes a difference in the lives of these kids. They love to get these hats and packages. Just look at Baby Jack’s face. He’s a hero, and he and others like him look forward to your donations.

Click here to donate 2 hats today, for only $20.00


Look at that smile!! YOU can do that for a child, donate a hat today!!

Merry Christmas!!




It’s SO much more than just hat

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I have been blessed to become involved in an organization called Ellie’s Hats.  These pictures are of some very brave kids wearing hats that Crochet Rox and MANY other talented crocheters from the group Ellie’s Crocheters have made and sent to the director Jay Coakley to hand out.   THIS is exactly why I crochet now.  To see these smiles.  The word “hero” is used a lot these days on social media, and in my opinion, it’s not being used correctly.  Reality TV stars tweeting and posting selfies are not heroes.    THESE kids are true heroes.  They are battling for their lives, and yet, they  are still smiling  They melt my heart, and make me more determined than ever to crochet even more hats for more kids.

You should check them out on their Facebook page and at their website..  They are drawing attention to childhood cancer awareness, distributing hats to kids battling childhood cancer, and providing support to the families involved.    I truly wish EVERYONE would check them out and share their links, because it’s such an important message.   If you would like to purchase a  crocheted hat to donate, please click here.    Together we can make someone smile.  The kids love getting these hats, and they love knowing someone cares.

During this holiday season, hug your dear ones tight, and say a prayer for the brave little warriors battling childhood cancers.

After I posted this, I got these 2 photos of Jack in the Peanuts hats I sent him, and I wanted to share  his cuteness with everyone.



Jack in his Snoopy hat

Happy Hooking


Help us make hats for Ellie’s Hats!!!

Ellie in her tiara I made her.

Ellie in her tiara I made her.

Recently, I’ve has SO many messages from kind people asking me how they can help Ellie’s Hats.    A Facebook group called Ellie’s Hats Crocheters has been formed.  If you are interested in crocheting (or knitting) a hat or 2, or 7 to send on to Ellie to distribute to kids bravely battling childhood cancers, please, contact me on my business page, comment here, email me at roxstetzer@yahoo.com or Jay Coakley at Jay@ellieshats.org or send a message to Ellie’s Hats  We would love to add you our group!! The more we can do for these brave little heroes, the better!!!  Share this with all the fiber artists you know!!!

Have a great day and Happy Hooking!!