Negan’s bat Lucille from the Walking Dead

I’m a HUUUUUGE The Walking Dead Fan!!!  I designed a bat and a hat based on Lucille, and have released the hat pattern for free on my  Crochet Rox Ravelry page.    The bat stands 22 inches tall, and 5 inches around.  I know I’ll be cuddling with it during the premier while wearing my hat.  After finding out who did “get Lucilled”  I am going to send the actor their own Lucille hat and bat lol!!  I really hope it isn’t Glen!!!


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I’m a new fan of the Walking Dead.

Rick Grimes AmiMy son and sister in law have been telling me I need to watch the Walking Dead.  My son recorded all of them, so for the past week, I have been watching them all in order, and and now caught up.  AND addicted to it!!!  So I decided I want to make amigurumi’s of the cast, and I started with Rick.  Daryl is my sis Cindy’s favorite, so I made her a “Geek ear necklace” and today I have started on a Daryl Dixon  ami. Next will be my favorite character, Hershel.                                                                                                                                                                                                              Geek Ear necklace for Cindy

I will be taking custom orders for these in my Crochet Rox Etsy Shop